Design Summit 2016


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The role of design has shifted and has become more impactful than ever before. Management consulting and professional service corporations are acquiring design firms and annexing creative offerings to their portfolios. Leading corporations are building design proficiency in house, VCs are building innovation advisement on their boards, and innovation divisions into the ventures they back. Startups include designers as founding partners and companies expect strategic design to be part of the corporate agenda. Design has become a movement from the periphery to the heart of businesses.

Our panel of experts will discuss how to qualify, structure, and keep a creative team and culture aligned for success. Join us in learning how to organize and envision a better future and experience for your designed culture.



Adetola Abiade - BNY Mellon, Regional Director, Head of Global Innovation Americas

Deb Mangone - Pfizer Inc.- Sr. Director, Worldwide Innovation

Denielle Wolfe - Denielle Wolfe Consulting - Principal | formerly Tumi - Vice President of Product Development and Design

Eric Freitag - R/GA - Group Director of Product Innovation

Angela Yeh (moderator) - Yeh IDeology - Founder and CEO

WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)


Knoll Inc. - 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 

Happy 9th Anniversary!

output_L268jH Each year at Yeh IDeology, we mark our anniversary with a Design Summit, inviting industry luminaries to share their challenges, insights and strategies to scaling for growth. We hosted this year's #YehSummit at Knoll's beautiful showroom in the heart of Manhattan, kicking-off and closing, with more wine than water. Enjoy the photo recap below, and tune in for our video recap where we interviewed speakers and guests of the evening.


Save the Date! 5th Annual Design Summit

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About Yeh IDeology's Design Summit

It’s been a banner year for the Creative Economy, and now, more than ever, businesses want in. So what do you invest in first? How do you build your own innovation center? Where do you begin and what is your focus? The latest and hottest in UX/UI? Deeper, more insightful user research? Doubling down on five-star service design? Digging in on business innovation strategy? Or continuously improving technology?

This February 2015, Yeh IDeology celebrates 9 years in the industry with our 5th annual Design Summit.

Join us at Knoll Inc. Showroom for an informal, wide-ranging panel discussion with industry luminaries, as Angela Yeh recaps 2014 to share what we’ve learned and present our latest insights into what’s trending in the business of design, strategy, and innovation.

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"Into Design" at the 2014 Core77 Conference

What does it mean to be taken “into design,” its process and challenges? The first annual Core77 Conference, held on June 19, investigated this question, and more, under the topic for 2014: Object Culture, and Yeh IDeology was there to witness an unfolding of ideas. It also played host to the Core77 2014 Design Awards where the winners of the Consumer Products and Interiors & Exhibitions categories were announced. The day featured an impressive gathering of speakers who discussed the processes behind their work, being a designer in the present day as well as the value of the modern object. 20140619_100337

Jordan Brandt - Technology Futurist, Autodesk, San Francisco, CA.

Technology Futurist, Jordan Brandt, in his talk on “How do we teach our machines to Design?”, said that “the world is just asking for design.” There are a multitude of situations in our everyday lives that require designed solutions so how then do designers practice within the field to achieve this?


Heather Flemming - CEO, Catapult Design, New York, NY.

For some practitioners, like Heather Flemming, CEO of Catapult Design, it comes down to designers participating and sharing their skills within global development. Her belief was that “It's a rich formidable time for designers to engage in social challenges.”


Carla Diana - Designer, Writer, Educator, New York, NY.

And what about the designed object? What meaning does it hold and how do we improve on it? Carla Diana, explored this in her presentation “Bringing Meaning to Objects Through Storytelling” where she used narrative to express the capabilities of 3D printing to our younger generation of future designers. “We should be taking what exists in the world and applying emotions to relate with it… stories are reality + emotion.”

By the end of the day, the conference in itself was a narrative of design: piecing together water filtering pools, bike culture and wearable technology to illustrate the vast space that design occupies in our innovation driven world.

Here are more of our highlights:

"It's about giving people access [to bikes]" to raise awareness and change cultural behavior and mindset - Ethan Frier, Cult of Bike.

"If you only aim for perfection and skip the process, you won't go anywhere" - Michael DiTullo, Design in the C-Suite.

"We cannot build new systems on old models" - Marta Salas-Porras, Neomaterialism.

"Designers should think about the unintended consequences of their work, the environmental, and just as important, social impact" - Colin McSwiggen, Design and Work.

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Angela with You in UX | Global UX Summit

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IDSA 4th Annual Design Summit Review

DesignSummit14 In partnership with IDSA NYC, Yeh IDeology hosted the 4th annual Design Summit on February 27th. This year’s design summit featured a panel of cross-disciplinary design leaders including Erica Eden (Founder of Femme Den and Global Director of Design Innovation of PepsiCo), Rich Thrush (Director of Kaz Incorporated), Mei Mah (Deputy Director of Education at Cooper Hewitt), Dan Grossman (Deputy Design Directory of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia).

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.05.18 PM

Photo from Paige Mullis at Glen Raven

Our theme of Making It Real was rooted in understanding design as an ever-expanding discipline that is actively shifting both creative and business cultures. We questioned the role of design in today’s complex business landscape? How do different design fields cross-pollinate? How will this shape the future of design? Are these trends here to stay or go?

Dan Grossman shares with us a similar frustration with “all these different levels of design [and having] to label it was always confusing.

In response, Erica Eden reveals the downfall of design that is this competition between different design disciplines, “I don’t like this competition between Interaction and Industrial Design. Interaction comes from Industrial Design. We all do the same thing [that is] solving a problem.

The challenge for designers is to know everything and be good at it. Rich Thrush explains that designers must grasp the fundamentals of design (i.e. traditional ID skills) and also “know [their] superpower.

Eden’s advice, “be shameless” and take risks exploring and discovering. When you know your super power, hold onto it and remember to design to solve the problem.

Share with us your thoughts!

More photos by Glen Raven

Yeh ID: Design Outside the Lines Panel Discussion

By Yeh Staff | November 22, 2013 From left to right: Jennifer van der Meer - Advisor at Luminary Labs, Phin Barnes - Partner at First Round Capital, Evan Clabots - Design Director at, Dror Benshetrit - Founder of Studio Dror and Angela Yeh founder of Yeh IDeology

This past Tuesday, November 19th IDSA NYC hosted their third annual flagship panel discussion focusing on big questions in design at's chic West Village headquarters.

The topic of discussion was how business and design reaches beyond the studio to create new business models, connections between people, and ways of living.

We've collected some of the key talking points from the panel discussion that really stuck out in our minds.

*Be a polymath designer, don't get attached to rigid disciplines, in the startup world we need people who make pixels and atoms *Today's designers need to be multilingual: Does s/he speak Strategy? Marketing? Engineering? Developer? *Learning per dollar *Most important thing is to discover your integrity, what music plays inside your heart that never dies, and move forward with that 100% *Build it, break it, learn from it. *Every founder of a company is a designer *What did we really mean when we designed the statement "design thinking"? *If nature didn't create it, humans designed it

We're so grateful for all the panelists sharing their unique vantage points and insights into this intersection of design & business.

Yeh ID Pairs Up With IDSA & 3DEA For 3rd Annual Design Summit

Join Yeh IDeologyThe Industrial Designers Society of America and OPENHOUSE as we present our annual Design Summit panel discussion, reflecting on the design industry in 2012 and forecasting into 2013 and beyond. This year’s summit will gather unique insight from design and business leaders. We’ll particularly discuss how companies are investing in and building design teams and how to master hiring creative talent to generate business success.

The evening will begin with a panel discussing the key factors impacting the current state of design industries. Then, we'll guide designers through the process of greatly increasing their value in the New Economy marketplace.

Networking, food and drink from 6:30-7pm. Discussion starts promptly at 7 pm.

Register Today! Space is filling up quickly!

Panelists Ted Booth, Managing Director, Method Laura Brumit, Human Resources & Recruitment, IDEO Arthur Young-Spivey, Fabrication Specialist, 3DEA Janet Villano, Director of Product Development, Skip*Hop

Moderator Angela Yeh, Founder, Yeh IDeology

Where: 3DEA Pop Up Store - 835 6th Ave. (At the corner of 6th and 29th St)

Admission: $7

RSVP: Space is limited! Register here!

DesignBoost’s “Design Beyond Design” Event at Cooper Hewitt: Part Two

Our second day at Designboost was comprised of lectures by leaders pushing the boundaries of the design world. Of all of the lectures I was able to attend, I enjoyed the playful energy Philip Tiongson’s company Potion has been bringing to the interaction design & technology space.

My absolute favorite was Aaron Dignan’s lecture entitled “The Future of Work is Play.” He talks about the formula for creativity and play and how business has to understand the fine line and balance between boredom to creativity to anxiety. It’s exciting to hear because this is one of the main aspects that Yeh IDeology analyses when we match talent with our client’s opportunities. We look for that fine balance of variety and challenge so that the right candidate will be as ideally enthralled by the opportunity and the company energized by a committed new member with initiatives that are aligned to their creative team’s mission.

See Aaron's lecture below:

See part one of our coverage of the Designboost event here!

DesignBoost’s “Design Beyond Design” Event at Cooper Hewitt: Part One

I had a delightful time at the first Designboost held in the US hosted by the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum last week. It was an honor to be surrounded by such design luminaries. image (via)

On the first day, I participated in a discussion where the first statement was: “When design has turned global, production is still local.” We debated about the different aspects and ramifications of design and globalization. How do you balance the standardization that comes with globalization and how do you bring local globally? Together with Avani Agarwal, Fredrik Andersson, Carla Diana, Davin Stowell, Barry Richards, Chris Streng, and Karen John in my group we shared our own varying experiences with globalization of design. We came out with so many varying concepts that were diverse in their objectives and solutions.

I hypothesized if you devised a design service template that could overlay any industry culture then the local cultural resources whether it be people, ideas or materials could grow and fill in that lattice. Then structurally each design service template would resemble the others and yet each locale’s end result would be unique from the local origins of it’s ingredients. Somewhat like how Mc Donald’s sells pasta in Italy and sushi in Japan each caters to it’s own local preferences and yet there’s continuity to the brand.

The second event I attended was entitled “Where does politics end and design begin?” In this seminar, together with Ivar Draganja, Avani Agarwal, Carla Diana, Andrea Ruggiero, Julie Taraska, and Brad Dixon, we discussed the various ways in which design and politics impact each other, and if they even should work together. “Can the two form a strong unit, and make a real difference and should they?

I ultimately believe that design could really help our government, especially now when we are seeking to reevaluate the ways in which our government work. Design in the form of design research, design strategy, and service design could play a huge part in helping to explore where to go from here. Think of the research that could be done on the healthcare and education system. This one was a fascinating topic and I was chosen to be video taped for this one. Stay tuned for the clip once it’s posted. I hope I sound articulate.

For each seminar, Designboost chose one representative to speak about the topic at hand. I was lucky enough to be chosen for one of them, and the video should make it onto the Internet sometime soon—I will share it with you then.

image (via)

That night we all had fun at a speed networking event. Exhausting yet fun and fueled with wine & Swedish whiskey I met so many people passionate with their own unique design initiatives. There was so much networking going on you could barely hear yourself over the cacophony and energy of sharing initiatives & support.

See part two of our coverage of the Designboost event here!

Building Your Brand & Community Around Your Future

Our workshop "Branding You and Connecting to Your Target Market" was a huge success as heard from IDSA and all the unsolicited comments we received from IDSA.NED conference-goers. As our talk was one of the first workshops to start off the conference on Friday morning, it set the tone for the rest of the conference for many of our attendees. Throughout the conference, whenever one of our attendees met another workshop attendee, they would compared notes and connected each other to new people, teaching new people in the long run this new networking game. I have to admit I absolutely love to speak and lecture. There's something to finding the commonality of a group's needs and speaking to that need and cause and inspiring change. Being able to teach an entire group to change from one frame of mind to another state is thrilling, and when done successfully it's amazing what energy and inspiration can be generated from that moment.

Held earlier this month at the IDSA Northeast District Conference at the Rhode Island School of Design, I taught about general issues of branding yourself in various scenarios and customizing this for your own initiatives. The aspect I believe in most is about creating and developing a network and community around your end goal, through supporting your community.

We also used Yeh IDeology's fun magnets, designed by Mel Lim at Mel Lim Consulting Studio, as networking tools which put a twist on the motive of networking. The exercise, a partial ruse to play Memory or Go Fish, participants sought out and met people that owned icon magnets they had to match on their own Raffle Tickets.

Mindset-wise, I believe in helping the community you want to be part of. Truly the term "paying it forward". To make a lasting impression, knowing the needs of those you meet and helping them as much as you also convey your own goals and aspirations.

Our workshop successfully energized the participants and changing attendee perceptions of their own brand and purpose.

As a result I almost couldn't stop the crowd from networking. And at the end of the workshop, the networking proceeded for several minutes after the lecture and through out the conference. During the second 10 minute exercise we discovered a 3 person connection resulting in immediate collaboration for business between the 3 individuals. Knowing what we had helped generate in just a few minutes of a workshop, just imagine what we helped generate through out the conference!

People told me that they developed an overwhelming sense of altruism to the point they forgot about their own insecurities about venturing out to meet others and instead felt like stewards for their new friends. They were focused on how to help their new friends while sharing what they were looking for as well.

I'd love to recreate that kind of energy at another event. If anyone knows of the ideal venue, I'm all ears. :-)

IDSA.NED Conference: A Community of Leaders

This year's IDSA Northeast District Conference at the Rhode Island School of Design and as always I was blow away by the speakers, content and the energy of the conference. Throughout the conference, more than anything was this feeling of excitement to influence and change the world by everyone in their own way. In all the years I've gone to conferences and industry trade shows I often found the most inspiring and forward leading individuals populate this space the most. Of course there's a variety of reasons that people attend conferences. Those that are promoting their brand or company, those that are looking for new business or career opportunities. But many are there to either share best business practices and connect. I often find those that attend industry events tend to be more current, and leading the industry trends, the ones that are most connected and connecting others. It's especially interesting during times of economic challenge when you notice the few that push ahead while most stay in safety mode.

One impressive talk John Maeda moderated was a collection of the leading young creatives pushing the boundaries of innovation and business. Several of the other speakers, like Scott Wilson of MINIMAL, Mike Branson of PearlFisher, Richard Watson of Essential Design stuck around to stay around and talk to the local professionals, students and other speakers.

The students and young professionals I meet year after year are also the ones that I notice tend to find their career opportunities through the connections they make at these events. I also know companies that track the attendance list to seek out talent and to see who's out and about in the industry. It's so impressive to meet people like Sam Aquillano who was a merit award winner many years back quickly swept up by Bose Corporation and now the Co-Founder & Director of Design Museum Boston as well. And Sami Nerenberg I met a few years ago at the IDSA.NED conference as a budding graduate and this time she was a speaker sharing her new initiative Design for America that's sweeping the universities across the US. This is where you meet the new leaders of an industry.

For Yeh IDeology I have to attend various industry events, conferences and organizations. I have to admit many are dry and boring yet necessary. Few have the collaborative atmosphere of sharing best business practices I find at industry events like IDSA and DMI. Here I feel like the community is collaboratively trying to advance and improve. Collectively we can do so exponentially faster and better.

Join YehID at the IDSA Northeast District Conference, April 8-9

Another great example of how networking works! Alice Ro successfully collected 5 different magnets and went back to her office and shared with Marco Perry the founder of Pensa and the IDSA Northeast District Vice President organizing the IDSA Northeast District Conference in Providence, RI how much fun our successful networking event with our fun magnets was. I'm excited to tell you that in addition to my holding a workshop at the District Conference in Providence RI in April, IDSA.NED has asked us to develop a networking event there as well, and this time on a much grander scale through out the course of the 2 day conference.

I hope you'll be able to come and join us up in Providence and expand your network and community of friends up there April 8 & 9!

It's been a couple of weeks since our party and it's surprising how the reverberations from our party are still reaching out to us. We're still getting responses from people about how much fun the event was and how everyone met so many great new friends and connections.

I have to say, now that we've gotten a taste of what it was like to create this inspiring moment we're curious what to do next. It's a shame not to recreate it again right? Do me a favor and share with us hear how the event went for you as well. Who did you meet. Did anything come of that night?

And a question Yeh IDeology would love you to answer. Still warming up to this blogging thing. What advice would you like to know, about career, building business, networking, etc...? We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Thanks folks!