Yeh ID: Design Outside the Lines Panel Discussion

By Yeh Staff | November 22, 2013 From left to right: Jennifer van der Meer - Advisor at Luminary Labs, Phin Barnes - Partner at First Round Capital, Evan Clabots - Design Director at, Dror Benshetrit - Founder of Studio Dror and Angela Yeh founder of Yeh IDeology

This past Tuesday, November 19th IDSA NYC hosted their third annual flagship panel discussion focusing on big questions in design at's chic West Village headquarters.

The topic of discussion was how business and design reaches beyond the studio to create new business models, connections between people, and ways of living.

We've collected some of the key talking points from the panel discussion that really stuck out in our minds.

*Be a polymath designer, don't get attached to rigid disciplines, in the startup world we need people who make pixels and atoms *Today's designers need to be multilingual: Does s/he speak Strategy? Marketing? Engineering? Developer? *Learning per dollar *Most important thing is to discover your integrity, what music plays inside your heart that never dies, and move forward with that 100% *Build it, break it, learn from it. *Every founder of a company is a designer *What did we really mean when we designed the statement "design thinking"? *If nature didn't create it, humans designed it

We're so grateful for all the panelists sharing their unique vantage points and insights into this intersection of design & business.