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The race to the top requires teams of the best and brightest. Yeh IDeology's origin as a design recruitment agency will help you understand your company's needs and identify the creative change agents that will take you farther and faster to success. 


We are innovators of talent.


Talent Strategies for Companies (TS-C)

Your company is competing with all the top companies in the world. The best of the best refine their understanding of talent to gain the most of their talent ROI by focusing on both attracting and hiring, as well as growing and retaining top talent.  

Through Talent Strategies, your company will understand what drives talent so they're inspired to champion your mission. Whether you’re 1) looking to align challenges to talent capabilities, 2) refine and brand your opportunity to attract and hire the best, 3) career pathing talent to assess their growth potential, and align their future tracks to opportunities within your organization. We can help you identify the most strategic path to build successful teams to reach immediate business success.

Talent Strategies for Professionals (TS-P)

This is a highly competitive industry and now there are endless opportunities to choose from. Internally, you have too many passions to grow and there isn't enough time to explore them all. You need to know how to strategically align and position your skill set to reach career success.

Talent strategies can help you in the critical phases of transition within your career path. Whether you’re 1) in the early stage of realizing you need to transition, 2) knowing where to land but not knowing how to get through the door, 3) at the peak of your career and don't know where to go next, or 4) you’ve landed in this ideal situation and your concern is mastering the first 90 days to ensure your success. We can help you through these microphases of transition so that you’re equipped with the resources to continue on a successful career path.



Build a high-quality team of innovation experts that will help your company take a leading role in your industry by starting on the right path from the beginning. We’ve specialized in creative recruitment and collaborated with great companies for the past 11+ years. Not only have we placed amazing talent, but we have also made a lasting impact in the organizational culture of our clients as well as in the careers of the talented people we have worked with.

You won't attract innovation and creative thinking to your company with old methods of traditional recruitment. You need strategic thinking first to motivate and inspire top design talent. You need the leading innovation recruitment agency to bridge the gap between you and the most talented designers in the industry. Welcome to Yeh IDeology.