"Winning the Talent War"

Everyone knows that even if you have the best business model, the most creative marketing, and all the money in the world, that if you don’t have the right people, your business is dead in the water. People are what makes businesses run.

And finding and keeping great people is tough. I want to help make that easier.

That’s why I’m really excited to invite you to a program I recently participated in. It’s all about talent and the strategy around talent investment. How you find it, recruit it, on board it and retain it.

The program is produced and hosted by my friend and colleague, Bruce Eckfeldt. It’s called “Winning the Talent War”. He interviewed six different experts (including me!) in the talent and recruiting space. Each expert is different and presents a different story and perspective on talent in early stage companies.

Speakers include:

Kim Ann Curtin, Founder, The Wall Street Coach
Angela Yeh, Founder & CEO, Yeh IDeology
Kevin Greaney, CEO, Assessment Innovation
Matt Hoffman, VP People, DigitalOcean
Danny Gonzalez, Co-Founder, Facticiti
Josh Patrick, Founder, Ask Josh Patrick
Bruce Eckfeldt, CEO & Founder, Eckfeldt & Associates (Program Host)

This is a must-watch series for anyone in a startup or high growth, early stage company concerned about growing their business.

Watch the trailer now: https://vimeo.com/181217240

The program covers many topics, here are just a few:

  • How to define your need in terms of values and cultural fit, not just skills

  • Where to look for talent that is more likely a good fit for your organization

  • How to approach the interview process so that you are getting more long-term winners

  • Getting new people on board quickly and effectively

  • Keeping talent for the long-term and avoid costly attrition

The best part is that this program is completely FREE for a limited time. And at the end of our talk we will be offering a limited time promotional offer. Listen in for a limited time promotional offer.

You can register using the link below to get access to all of the videos from 19th through the 23th of September. But they’ll only be available during this time, so register now to be sure to get access.

Summit Series: Winning The Talent War


September 19-23, 2016

Don’t miss this program. Registration takes less than a minute and you’ll have access to the videos for free starting 9/19.

Thanks and see you there!

Angela Yeh