Innovation Integration

(Originally printed in the Summer 2016 Quarterly Addition of IDSA)

"This is an exciting time for design. It is the foremost industry responsible for innovation in business today. Business now sees investment in innovation as an essential element to success. Design is finally reaching its pinnacle, and in the next five years it will be
an essential aspect of all businesses in one form or another.
As innovation expertise transcends all industry categories, businesses are now competing for the same pool of innovation professionals. Thus it’s becoming a talent’s market.
With every discipline executing a form of innovation, design thinking has become ubiquitous. More than ever, businesses are finding it harder to determine what kind of innovation they need.
In the business industry, the next cultural shift and challenge for design and innovation to be effective is innovation integration. Education needs to train designers to understand business and ensure that design directly meets their needs."
— Angela Yeh, IDSA
Yeh is a thought leader and entrepreneur at the intersection of design, strategy and business. She is CEO of Yeh IDeology, a lead- ing talent strategy consultancy that collaborates with companies to develop talent strategies and recruitment programs that foster innovation and growth, helping clients build mission-critical teams through a design thinking and strategic approach. She actively sup- ports the design community and has held several roles within IDSA.