Angela Speaks at IDSA Detroit!

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10:15am: What Employers Want? Panel Discussion

Wyatt Cline- Sr. Director of Industrial Design at Newell Brands
Justin Coble- Senior Manager of Global Design Innovation at PepsiCo, Inc.
Sarah Strausborger- Recruiter at TEAGUE
Kyle Swen- Founding partner and EVP at Astro Studios
Angela Yeh (moderator) - Yeh IDeology - Founder and CEO

What does it takes to be a successful designer that every corporation or consultancy wants to hire? It's more complicated today now than ever. Do you know what skills and experiences you need to acquire to be hired? Let's bridge the gap between what employers value and talent's perception of that. Much of what we think we know is often skewed and misinformed.

11:15: How to build an Innovation Team
A Fireside chat with Angela Yeh + Bob Schwartz

“If you can't be an entrepreneur and earn your own money as a design leader, you are always at risk.” Bob Schwartz

How do you build an innovation center within a corporation? Why are so many companies trying but missing the mark? It's the hottest formula every corporation is trying to figure out. Come listen in as we chat with the brilliant, understated and unassuming Bob Schwartz, General Manager, Global Design, of GE Healthcare to share some of his insights on being an intrapreneur within the enterprise, the innovation team they built, their challenges and their solutions. We'll hear on how to build and keep your innovation team within the enterprise. How do you lead upward, how do you lead across channels, and outward for the company? Does corporate innovation still tap into consultancy expertise? Come and listen closely.

Hope to see you there!

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