3 Steps to Analyzing your role in the Gig Economy

We are entering into the age of the Gig Economy. By 2020, 40% of you will be working on contract instead of full-time. As technology changes at a rapid pace, the way this world works changes too. That said, you will likely have changed careers and expertise by then as well. Most career playing fields would have changed by 2020. For many of you, this is already happening. Are you prepared to shift as the world shifts?

In previous generations career paths were straight and narrow like the game of checkers. One could stay in a single career their entire lifetime. Now career paths are as complex as a game of chess. The strategies and directions one could go in are endless. It could take years to master and some never will.

Building your career path takes time and it's an iterative process. In our last blog 3 steps to uncover your polymath DNA we talked about looking inward and discovering your skills and capabilities.

Now look outward. You have a myriad of directions you can go in and the thought of this is overwhelming. Let’s first follow these steps to analyzing the possible environments around you and the potential paths that can be taken.


Look at the current trends in your field. Create a doc and start plotting your own data.

1. New Values

What's becoming valuable in your industry/specialty as well as in tangent spaces?

List what you see as valuable and why.

How do you see these changes happening in your space vs in tangent spaces?

2. New Players

Who is disrupting these industries and how?

What companies do you see changing the landscape and what are they doing?

Are they new players in the industry or existing companies shifting direction?

How would you profile these companies?

3. New Skills

Look into the future, what new skills in these industries are becoming popular?

List and analyze the new skills that are surfacing. What does it take to acquire them?

After spending time exploring it's time to take action and look for patterns. In our next blog 3 Steps to Uncover your Polymath DNA, you will use this information to marry your inner abilities and outward potentials.

There are always other possibilities out there for everyone. You just have to take the time to look for answers within yourself. Find out what's relevant to you. 

What are you willing to learn and develop? 

How do your skills fit in the emerging industries and specialties? 

What skills are you missing or need to work on?

At Yeh IDeology we have developed a methodology that will make your dream job a reality. If you are looking to identify the opportunities you are missing, you need to schedule a Strategy Call with Angela Yeh.



NYC Design Summit 2012

On February 9th 2012, Yeh IDeology continues our strategic relationship with IDSANYC, presenting our second annual Design Summit at the Knoll showroom. This event will present a panel of top designers and business leaders who will be discussing the elements and issues impacting the current state of design and sharing their unique insight on how to approach 2012. Check out the specifics and learn about our panelists below:

You can RSVP here, but move quickly, space is limited!

After the panel discussion, we invite everyone to participate in a Community Connectivity Workshop, it's a great way to come and meet people throughout the design landscape and network, not to mention pick up some cool prizes from Quirky and TerraCycle.

The Panel Discussion will begin promptly at 6:30pm and the event will go on to 9:00pm EST. Come out and enjoy!

Resource Directors Association: Annual "Career & Money" Meeting with Yeh IDeology

Last week Monday I spoke to the Resource Directors Association for their annual Career & Money meeting. I met Eileen Rasgdale, the president of RDA at last year's Cooper-Hewitt Teen Fair that Yeh IDeology has been asked to participate in for the last several years. Eileen asked me to come speak to RDA regarding the changes impacting the architecture industry and give advice on how to adjust and navigate these changes. The RDA is a not-for-profit professional network of resource persons working in the Architecture and Design community and their mission is to share knowledge of new products, specification issues and news and changes within the industry. They have chapters in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Seattle.

As everyone went around the room sharing their backgrounds and their top concerns in this intimate group setting it quickly became apparent that this group of creative professionals were dedicated and passionate about their field. We talked about how the shift in this new economy had affected their industry as well. For some members' companies had either down sized or taken on more account but overall the main impact was that the work load and responsibilities were doubled. We talked about ways for members to prepare for these changes and how to position themselves to take advantage of these new shifts and yet set reasonable expectations for those around them as their responsibilities change. Having been actively involved in organizations like IDSA and being on their board of directors, we also explored various solutions and ways RDA the organization could support the members individually.

It's indeed challenging time these days and regardless of the industry, the ways that companies have been structured and have always done business has changed. Yet at the same time these drastic times of change in history are often the ripest moments to implement change for the better and improvement. Status quo has been upended and everyone is more receptive to change.

I talked about how the new normal in this new era is "adaptability" and those that will make it in this new era will be the ones that look ahead to predict the next industry shifts, adjust to them and be ready to embrace them. Collectively this was a strong dedicated community and it was refreshing to see that many great ideas were already there percolating waiting to be acted on. I look forward to seeing how the members of RDA collaborate and navigate this new era.

Here I am with a few of the members as we lingered after our lecture admiring the gorgeous furniture at Suite NY, who generously hosted the event.

Thanks to Eileen Rasgdale and the RDA for having me come speak.

Building Your Brand & Community Around Your Future

Our workshop "Branding You and Connecting to Your Target Market" was a huge success as heard from IDSA and all the unsolicited comments we received from IDSA.NED conference-goers. As our talk was one of the first workshops to start off the conference on Friday morning, it set the tone for the rest of the conference for many of our attendees. Throughout the conference, whenever one of our attendees met another workshop attendee, they would compared notes and connected each other to new people, teaching new people in the long run this new networking game. I have to admit I absolutely love to speak and lecture. There's something to finding the commonality of a group's needs and speaking to that need and cause and inspiring change. Being able to teach an entire group to change from one frame of mind to another state is thrilling, and when done successfully it's amazing what energy and inspiration can be generated from that moment.

Held earlier this month at the IDSA Northeast District Conference at the Rhode Island School of Design, I taught about general issues of branding yourself in various scenarios and customizing this for your own initiatives. The aspect I believe in most is about creating and developing a network and community around your end goal, through supporting your community.

We also used Yeh IDeology's fun magnets, designed by Mel Lim at Mel Lim Consulting Studio, as networking tools which put a twist on the motive of networking. The exercise, a partial ruse to play Memory or Go Fish, participants sought out and met people that owned icon magnets they had to match on their own Raffle Tickets.

Mindset-wise, I believe in helping the community you want to be part of. Truly the term "paying it forward". To make a lasting impression, knowing the needs of those you meet and helping them as much as you also convey your own goals and aspirations.

Our workshop successfully energized the participants and changing attendee perceptions of their own brand and purpose.

As a result I almost couldn't stop the crowd from networking. And at the end of the workshop, the networking proceeded for several minutes after the lecture and through out the conference. During the second 10 minute exercise we discovered a 3 person connection resulting in immediate collaboration for business between the 3 individuals. Knowing what we had helped generate in just a few minutes of a workshop, just imagine what we helped generate through out the conference!

People told me that they developed an overwhelming sense of altruism to the point they forgot about their own insecurities about venturing out to meet others and instead felt like stewards for their new friends. They were focused on how to help their new friends while sharing what they were looking for as well.

I'd love to recreate that kind of energy at another event. If anyone knows of the ideal venue, I'm all ears. :-)

IDSA.NED Conference: A Community of Leaders

This year's IDSA Northeast District Conference at the Rhode Island School of Design and as always I was blow away by the speakers, content and the energy of the conference. Throughout the conference, more than anything was this feeling of excitement to influence and change the world by everyone in their own way. In all the years I've gone to conferences and industry trade shows I often found the most inspiring and forward leading individuals populate this space the most. Of course there's a variety of reasons that people attend conferences. Those that are promoting their brand or company, those that are looking for new business or career opportunities. But many are there to either share best business practices and connect. I often find those that attend industry events tend to be more current, and leading the industry trends, the ones that are most connected and connecting others. It's especially interesting during times of economic challenge when you notice the few that push ahead while most stay in safety mode.

One impressive talk John Maeda moderated was a collection of the leading young creatives pushing the boundaries of innovation and business. Several of the other speakers, like Scott Wilson of MINIMAL, Mike Branson of PearlFisher, Richard Watson of Essential Design stuck around to stay around and talk to the local professionals, students and other speakers.

The students and young professionals I meet year after year are also the ones that I notice tend to find their career opportunities through the connections they make at these events. I also know companies that track the attendance list to seek out talent and to see who's out and about in the industry. It's so impressive to meet people like Sam Aquillano who was a merit award winner many years back quickly swept up by Bose Corporation and now the Co-Founder & Director of Design Museum Boston as well. And Sami Nerenberg I met a few years ago at the IDSA.NED conference as a budding graduate and this time she was a speaker sharing her new initiative Design for America that's sweeping the universities across the US. This is where you meet the new leaders of an industry.

For Yeh IDeology I have to attend various industry events, conferences and organizations. I have to admit many are dry and boring yet necessary. Few have the collaborative atmosphere of sharing best business practices I find at industry events like IDSA and DMI. Here I feel like the community is collaboratively trying to advance and improve. Collectively we can do so exponentially faster and better.

Join YehID at the IDSA Northeast District Conference, April 8-9

Another great example of how networking works! Alice Ro successfully collected 5 different magnets and went back to her office and shared with Marco Perry the founder of Pensa and the IDSA Northeast District Vice President organizing the IDSA Northeast District Conference in Providence, RI how much fun our successful networking event with our fun magnets was. I'm excited to tell you that in addition to my holding a workshop at the District Conference in Providence RI in April, IDSA.NED has asked us to develop a networking event there as well, and this time on a much grander scale through out the course of the 2 day conference.

I hope you'll be able to come and join us up in Providence and expand your network and community of friends up there April 8 & 9!

It's been a couple of weeks since our party and it's surprising how the reverberations from our party are still reaching out to us. We're still getting responses from people about how much fun the event was and how everyone met so many great new friends and connections.

I have to say, now that we've gotten a taste of what it was like to create this inspiring moment we're curious what to do next. It's a shame not to recreate it again right? Do me a favor and share with us hear how the event went for you as well. Who did you meet. Did anything come of that night?

And a question Yeh IDeology would love you to answer. Still warming up to this blogging thing. What advice would you like to know, about career, building business, networking, etc...? We'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Thanks folks!

A Night to Connect: The IDSA.NYC/ Yeh IDeology 5 Year Celebration

Whew, what a great night Yeh IDeology's 5 Year Celebration turned out to be. In all the years meeting the best of the best in every industry category we've heard some of the best business practices and advice on running businesses, building and investing in design and strategizing career paths. Wanting to do more than just celebrating, we brought together some great friends and colleagues to share their insights with everyone and inspire us as we enter the new year.

Our Speakers Yasemin Bernardete of Springs Global reminds us you have to identify and respect what makes each brand unique and hold true to that element. Brand strategy and brand management is becoming more critical than ever.

Brad Lacey of Converse reminds us in this new day and age to never rest on your laurels and always have a healthy does of paranoia, always learning something new to stay current. Brand strategy is key here as well and Brad shares how critical it is to work with other divisions and collaborate.

Joe Moya of MindsInSync talks about having been on both corporate side and consultancy side that knowing your core values is key as you represent yourselves to your clients and customers. Even firms need to stay true to their value proposition and know how to best represent their brand image.

Cliff Kuang, the Founder of Co Design, tells us that with the uprising of technology and new crowd sourcing organizations now is the time to invest in that amazing idea that you had. Cliff cites how too many creatives are panicking and diluting their identity by accepting and taking on everything not standing firm to what they excel at.

The panel discussion inspired us to venturing into 2011 with a new outlook, as we all reflected about representing ourselves and our true value propositions, we turned to the networking portion of the night. We were 150+ of the most talented individuals in the creative industries gathered in one room and here was a perfect opportunity to connect, learn about each others goals and initiatives and help each other in our mutual endeavors.

As a fun exercise to spur the merriment, we gave out YehID magnets and an award was given to the first guest that successfully swapped magnets to meet 3 people, the individuals that the winner met also won prizes as well, rewarding the connections made. Meryem Tangoren was the first one to come up to us having successfully swapped and collected 4 of her 5 magnets and in the process she reconnected with old friends and met new ones. Meryem reconnected with old classmate Janet Villano of SkipHop, and met Dina Romanko as well.

We then put a shout out to all of our friends and thanked everyone for coming out that night to celebrate and we broke into our delicious beautiful cake by Heather Barranco-Machado who has just opened DreamCakes. Think of Ace of Cakes and incredibly delicious in the tri-state area. Another great connection through her husband Jason Machado whom I've know in the industry for years.

Right after the prize giving and cake cutting we couldn't stop the crowd going back to their feverish networking and merriment. It was amazing. So many friends and clients from past and present, as well as new came to congratulate us bringing along their friends they insisted that we just had to meet as well.

I've planned parties and events all of my life. It's an incredible feeling when you've successfully created just the right moment, energy and vibe, and when you scan the room everyone is having a blast. That was this night.

It's the bonds that you make that help you make things happen. And this night would not have been an absolute success without the great partnership and friendship of Stephan Clambaneva and his dedicated IDSA.NYC team (Courtney Hewitt, Jerry Mejia, Anthony Puleo, Daghan Perker) and their introduction to the Knoll team and the gorgeous expansive showroom.

Let me say too that planning a party at the last minute on the fly, not everything goes right and my deepest apologies to all of our friends that were not able to make the guest list as we had a limit we had to keep to. I suppose we'll have to plan to get a bigger place next year. ;-)

And take a look at the articles about our celebration, brought to you by the good folks at Core77 and IDSA!

Core77: Yeh IDeology 5-Year Celebration

IDSA: Yeh IDeology Celebration Followup

Podcast: An interview with Angela Yeh by Peter Clayton

Attending Bill Taylor's book signing party last month lead to my meeting Peter Clayton ofTotal Picture Radio and Jobs In Pods. I do believe in serendipity, that things happen for a reason and that you do have to be at the right place at the right time. We got to talking and we found that our circles overlapped as we’re both are about promoting careers and leadership. The best unexpected thing that came out of this was Peter Clayton’s invitation to interview me for his podcast for Total Picture Radio.

Peter interviews everyone and anyone relevant to careers and leadership, from the CEO of The Ladders Marc Cenedella to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. I was delighted when Peter asked me to speak to him to share our perspective of what it's like for companies to invest in design talent. In this podcast with Peter we get to touch on a bit of what companies have to consider when they look to invest in design talent and where they can invest in design talent in their business model.

Yeh IDeology is fortunate that we have the opportunity to work with so many leading corporations and top design firms that have a high knowledge and respect for what design can do for business and already have a strong understanding how to invest in design. It's a pleasure and an honor working with clients that have a high education of design talent investment and thus our projects there are compelling and exciting.

But we love working with the businesses and brands that are just at the nascent stage of learning about the many various specialties of design and the many ways design can impact and improve business (product development, strategy, marketing/branding, operations to name a few...). When we're able to help teach a company new to design, how to aptly build-in design strategy by either building an in-house design team, introducing key partnerships with design firms and/or design consultants, it's an incredible feeling when later on we see this company produce successful results through either launching great new products, new services, improved operations and/or a new brand positioning.

Podcast with the founder of Yeh IDeology, Angela Yeh

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

A Network of Friends

This December, while teaching my Careers Strategy students about networking as an adjunct professor at Parsons New School, I asked them, “What Makes Work Fun?” In my lecture, I told them that most people view networking as a business task and a necessary evil. But in reality, if you approach and treat people properly, your business world can become your world of friends as well. It’s a simple matter of taking the time to recognize the people with whom you work as unique and important individuals. It’s human nature to choose people you know and trust, and in fact research shows that people do this when hiring, choosing vendors, partners, services etc…. So in business, networking is essential. But beyond that when you make it a point to get to know those with whom you interact, you can transform your business world as well and work becomes fun when those with whom you work become your friends.

As I reflect on 2010, I realize how over time I have found great friends in the clients and candidates we know, regardless of whether we're working together or not. On the client side, I have such an appreciation for all the people with whom I engage in companies, from the HR and hiring managers, to the secretaries, bookkeepers, and assistants. As a business owner, I value the vendors and people with whom we work to keep our business running: our web and branding consultant, our tech guru, our bookkeeper and accountant, to name a few.

Finances are not my forte, but finding an accountant and bookkeeper I trust unequivocally AND enjoy working with has made handling these tasks practically enjoyable. When you find great people appropriately skilled for your business needs, whose values and work styles resonate with your own, work becomes almost effortless and enjoyable.

People want to matter, but the world at large feels so impersonal. People don't expect to be recognized or acknowledged as individuals. I make it a point to notice people as much as I can when I interact with them, no matter how brief or incidental our time together may seem. I greet my bus driver, dry cleaner attendant, deli cashier, mail carrier, and bank teller by name if possible, and inquire about their day, and I don't forget the people who support the people with whom I work, including my doctor's secretary and my client's assistant. I love the startled looks and smiles I get when people realize I really see them. It's a great feeling to make someone’s day by acknowledging them unexpectedly, and it can make my day.

When you respect and acknowledge people, they become more than just acquaintances. They truly become your network of friends, which improves your quality of life and makes the world and your experience in it more enjoyable

Dr. Woody Blog- Career Resolution

I just came across Dr. Woody's blog giving some great advice on "New Year, New Attitude: 10 Career Resolutions YOU Need to Make in 2011". He offers us some excellent suggestions on new proactive ways to look at your future. I actually do practice many of these points in my life in some manner but I love how he's put these points together in a pithy and organized manner and there are new ones I've not considered before. Tips I do 1: Look in the Mirror- I always reflect on what I bring to the world and how to keep improving, 3: Face Three Negatives- I always try to reflect on my mistakes to try to understand my habits better and hope to never repeat them, 4: ah the books and there are so many great books out there. One fun book I'm reading is "Maotai, Mooncakes and Monks" about an expat American in China. 5: Join One Group- Just joined Service Design Network for the first time last year and I'm going to be attending IxDA's conference in Boulder CO this Feb. The most passionate and self driven individuals in any industry often are found at industry groups. 7: Make 12 New Friends- I love finding like minded people who are just as passionate about life and learning. The best friendships are the ones where you teach each other. 8: Take One Risk- last year was a doozy with lots of risk taking, but it was all good for growth and progression of YehID and myself. Change is good. 9: 9: Set Lofty Goals- We’re doing what we can to field all of the needs of our clients but we could be even better at it and one day we’ll find a way to be able to help match more talent to culture 10 times more nimbly while never losing the attention to detail and the quality of our services & matches. 10: Make a YOU Plan: Got it. And reading this blog I'll now revise and enhance mine.

New Tips I'm Going to Try 2: Reminisce on Five Positives. I love this one and I've never tried this. To up my game I'll reflect on the things I've achieved and think about how much they mean to me and how I might even better my approach next time.

6: There are so many things to keep track of. Will definitely look at all of mine and YehID's social profiles and see if anything needs to be revised to reflect me and YehID in 2011.

Dr Woody's blog really does such a great job of defining the topic of Career Resolution that I just ordered his book "The YOU Plan: A 5-Step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy" and will recommend it for my students I'll be teaching in Careers Strategy next semester at Parsons New School.

If you catch this in time Dr. Woody's going to appear on LIVE! w/ Regis & Kelly tomorrow morning to talk about Career Do's and Don't's for 2011!!! Check local listing.

Like Dr. Woody says "Career success starts with YOU! Take charge! Get out of the hot seat! Make it happen!"

Tell us your thoughts on Dr. Woody's 10 Tips, and take a look at our previous blog entry on 2011 New Year's Career Resolutions while you're at it!

What is your 2011 New Year's Career Resolution?

How many times have you found that if you have one thing to do one day, you get nothing much done, but if you have 10 things to do in a day, you get half and maybe most of the tasks done? Goal setting is an essential part of progress, being productive, and successful. It helps keep us from milling about aimlessly and helps us direct our energy towards a singular goal. So why don’t most of us do this for our careers as well? Maybe because the timeline feels so long until that next career move or career evolution. Oftentimes once someone is in a job, they focus their energies towards doing their job and hopefully doing it well.

But you can’t forget the bigger picture, which is your career. People come to us at all stages in their careers. Some are young graduates ready to strike out in an industry for the first time, some are mid- to senior-level talent at a mid-point in their career path, transitioning to their next job, and some are very seasoned professionals at the pinnacle of their career path who wonder about their next career step.

No matter when we meet people in their career, we often meet them at a juncture where they don’t know what career direction they should be going in next. Most don’t have a clue and haven’t thought about it. Some individuals who come to us though, have been planning out their future and keeping an eye on the horizon, knowing what they want to reach for next. Those who do are often the individuals who reach their goals and evolve their careers at a much faster pace. Chances are they are enjoying their jobs more and consider their careers to be fun.

You can let fate take you where it will, but you may not like where you end up. Or you can choose a direction to follow. I find it’s much more exciting to choose a direction and follow your passion. Life is so much more fun when you gain some sort of intrinsic gratification from your work, because then the work isn’t work. It’s something you love to do, and chances are that you’re being creative about it.

So wherever you are in your career path and life, remember to stop and look at the bigger picture. Set a calendar reminder from once to four times a year or even more, where you look at the horizon and think about where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years. What skills or knowledge do you think you’ll need to get there? What would you like to start working on next? No matter how big or small the goals are, writing down your goals helps you plot out your dream career future.

We would love to hear from you about what your career resolution might be. Let’s start that dialogue and hear your thoughts about your career path.

What is your career Resolution for 2011?