Forget about being T-shaped: You’re a Star!

Most of us are skilled at a variety of things; however, the current MBA jargon is being “T-shaped.” The thing is that this term is a limited view of a person’s skills and capabilities. Often times we see that employers tend to look at talent only in the facets of skills they need, not necessarily seeing talent as a whole. In other words, they are only seeing what they want to see.

In the past, industries and markets changed slowly, to the point where an employee would stay in the same job for a lifetime. Today every industry is changing faster and faster and, as a result, you too as an individual have to change as well. That means you can’t rely on cultivating and refining that one top T-shaped skill. You have to keep on developing and cultivating your multiple skills and see how you evolve over time and stay relevant for the evolving market.

Startup and innovation companies also need to shift quickly thus they understand that a wider variety of evolving skills and interests brings unique and inventive individuals that are dynamic enough to evolve with them. This industry is not sourcing for conventional certificates or diplomas, they are on the lookout for uncommon out-of-the-box skills and hobbies. 

We see creative talent as some level of multi-potentialities. It is as if your skills and capabilities are mapped out in the shape of a star, and as you grow your various skills, certain skill points will expand or contract. Why is this relevant? Because if you want to shift your career path, you must be aware of your growing potentials to pivot successfully.

Take full stock of all of your capabilities to understand all the various potential futures you’re capable of. Start with 3 Steps to Uncover your Polymath DNA.

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