Building Your Brand & Community Around Your Future

Our workshop "Branding You and Connecting to Your Target Market" was a huge success as heard from IDSA and all the unsolicited comments we received from IDSA.NED conference-goers. As our talk was one of the first workshops to start off the conference on Friday morning, it set the tone for the rest of the conference for many of our attendees. Throughout the conference, whenever one of our attendees met another workshop attendee, they would compared notes and connected each other to new people, teaching new people in the long run this new networking game. I have to admit I absolutely love to speak and lecture. There's something to finding the commonality of a group's needs and speaking to that need and cause and inspiring change. Being able to teach an entire group to change from one frame of mind to another state is thrilling, and when done successfully it's amazing what energy and inspiration can be generated from that moment.

Held earlier this month at the IDSA Northeast District Conference at the Rhode Island School of Design, I taught about general issues of branding yourself in various scenarios and customizing this for your own initiatives. The aspect I believe in most is about creating and developing a network and community around your end goal, through supporting your community.

We also used Yeh IDeology's fun magnets, designed by Mel Lim at Mel Lim Consulting Studio, as networking tools which put a twist on the motive of networking. The exercise, a partial ruse to play Memory or Go Fish, participants sought out and met people that owned icon magnets they had to match on their own Raffle Tickets.

Mindset-wise, I believe in helping the community you want to be part of. Truly the term "paying it forward". To make a lasting impression, knowing the needs of those you meet and helping them as much as you also convey your own goals and aspirations.

Our workshop successfully energized the participants and changing attendee perceptions of their own brand and purpose.

As a result I almost couldn't stop the crowd from networking. And at the end of the workshop, the networking proceeded for several minutes after the lecture and through out the conference. During the second 10 minute exercise we discovered a 3 person connection resulting in immediate collaboration for business between the 3 individuals. Knowing what we had helped generate in just a few minutes of a workshop, just imagine what we helped generate through out the conference!

People told me that they developed an overwhelming sense of altruism to the point they forgot about their own insecurities about venturing out to meet others and instead felt like stewards for their new friends. They were focused on how to help their new friends while sharing what they were looking for as well.

I'd love to recreate that kind of energy at another event. If anyone knows of the ideal venue, I'm all ears. :-)