10 steps to retain your designers longer.

Something interesting has happened to the human race in the last couple of decades, we are no longer willing to live a miserable life and die at age 60 just for a job.

More often than not, especially in the design industry, people are becoming more aware that internal changes affect us just as equally as external factors. Usually, designers come to our Talent Strategies service looking for a big career pivot because they have lost their passion towards their current job. We have identified this phenomenon as “losing the state of flow.” But, what does that mean to the company that designer works for?

Let me start by asking you these three simple questions:

  • Do you know how to nourish a designer’s creative animal? Creative fluids exist, and an overrun designer may run out of them in a shorter time period than you could ever imagine.
  • What outlet are you offering to your designers? Do you let them out of the office to experience new things? Don’t get me wrong, millennial perks like free-beer-Friday are cool, but that’s not what inspires a creative spirit to its core.
  • Do you add flexibility to their role? The old trick of dangling a compelling job tied to a 60 hour work week schedule just doesn’t cut it any more. Fact: No matter how sexy the offer is, designers won’t bite. Your biggest competition today is not the other companies, it a good quality of life culture.


Regardless of the industry you belong to, and it goes like this: first you begin to learn a skill and you will feel absolutely fascinated about it. You will find yourself in the state of discovery; you are living, breathing, dreaming everything related to that particular skill. The learning process of becoming an expert at a certain skill is a bliss, while it lasts.

Sadly, after a certain period of time, you have mastered everything there is to explore about it; there's nothing else to learn, or at least you are no longer eager to look for something new to learn about that particular skill,you will find yourself bored. That’s when the state of flow slides into the boredom zone. The clients we mentioned earlier, those that come craving for that famous pivot, find themselves there: in the boredom zone.

You may be asking yourself: How do I keep my creative talent constantly in the state of flow?

After some [non-orthodox] [interesting] research on marriage and relationship advice, we've developed: “10 Steps NOT to lose your designer.” An exclusive guide to help you identify the right kind of motivations for your design team.