Four tips to align yourself to opportunities

Designers: This is your time! The world of Design is growing day by day, as are the opportunities on the field. In the last 10 years, there’s been a growing rush for Corporations to build in-house design teams, and they’re trying to fill those seats as fast as they can. These internal teams of creatives are meant to ensure the brand identity and core mission of the corporation is upheld. But as we’ve seen before, these corporations will still need that objective perspective from outside design consultancies to hold that mirror up to them. 

Just 10 years ago, I recall trying to convince a major corporation to take a look at an amazing design strategist, but they couldn’t see the need for him back then. Spin forward to a year ago and that same company came back to us asking for a Design Director with 20 years of corporate strategic management experience. We laugh at how crazy this is, the talent has been there all along diligently refining their skills, while corporate innovation management opportunities hardly existed. 

Both corporations and consultancies are facing new challenges and they’re looking for the next hot designers. They’re out there fighting for your attention, searching for change agents like you to help them solve their problems. 

Yes, the design industry is booming and every company in every industry has suddenly realized they need a designer/strategist/innovator in their company. Still, hate to burst your bubble, but even though the industry is booming this is not La Vie en Rose. 

Despite all of these new spots opening, it’s hard to find an ideal job opportunity these days. That’s because, as you refine your understanding of how you want to curate your career and your unique POV, you’ll realize what career experiences you’ll need to put under your belt and more importantly which experiences will not do you well. If you narrow down the scope to the ideal next growth move you’re looking for the number of real possibilities becomes scarce or hard to identify. 

That’s why you have to be on your feet, stay agile, and mindful of who you are and what you’re bringing to the table. 

WHY? Because employers are looking for something very special, yet sometimes they don’t even know what they need even as they are meeting you. 

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We sometimes have meetings with clients were the hiring managers and C-suite are still debating through to the end what type of talent would be best for them. In truth, it’s a moving target but that’s a topic for another blog. For now, just know that you need to be ready to tell that compelling and yet truthful story they’re hoping to hear. 

I get it: It’s a very competitive space out there.

Nonetheless, if you decide: “This is it, I’m shifting to a new thing”. It’s done, you’re moving forward with your career path. The worst thing you can do is to instantly drop what you’re doing to jump to that new thing. You could be building your own trap, and would eventually find yourself stuck or lost in transition. 

Change is not instant and it takes time to do it right.

Nobody tells you this, but there are some steps you need to take before making the leap. Outside of the skillset needed there are four major attributes that employers look for in a candidate. Take a look at our newest guide on how to be mindful of these four attributes and use it as a reminder of what you have to be certain of before jumping into a new field or dropping everything like a hot potato in the quest of pursuing your dreams.

Regardless if you are in your dream job or you are desperately looking to move, knowing where you stand and what your options are, will make you feel confident and clear about your future. Schedule your Strategy Call now.