5 Deadly Sins of Design Recruitment

During our years building innovation teams for companies, we have come to experience the rising trend of companies hiring and building in house creative teams. From the most traditional to the newest of organizations in the spectrum, they’re all suddenly realizing the benefits of having a creative team at hand.

However, learning how to gauge design, and understand its value within a company, is something that doesn’t come naturally to every HR office. Trust me, it's not their fault at all. Creative talent tick in a different way altogether; companies that are aware of this know designers don’t fall within a Caliper test. Having to go through to hundreds of portfolios and identifying the soft skills needed on a design professional in order to find the perfect fit for your company can easily become an uphill battle.

Every so often, we are approached by companies that have lost a lot of time and money trying to recruit design talent by themselves. They will knock on our door with comments such as: "We have posted the job offer in every site possible for the last 6 months and nobody has taken the bait. Why can’t we find the bright and greatest?" Another common challenge for the industry is that companies are not able to retain creative talent for large periods of time.

There are some common mistakes that prevent companies from recruiting and retaining the best design talent. Are you making these mistakes? Learn how to harness the talents of the design industry faster by identifying and avoiding these 5 most common recruitment mistakes.

For more than a decade, Yeh IDeology consultations have been helping companies build design innovation and embed change from the core. If you’re still pulling your hair out after going through this 5 Deadly Sins give us a call.