3 Types of Career Transition

When you go through a career transition, you’ll have to face change, and change is hard. That process can last months or even years; you have to be ready to go through the emotional journey of finding or building your career path again. We found that it’s useful to think of your life as a chess game and all the steps you have to think about.  

Nowadays, there are many attempts to commoditize the role of a career consultant through apps or other impersonal services. They attempt to give advice for resume writing or how to land an interview. But planning your career is not as simple as reading a “How to…” guide, the issue is larger than that and you must think more strategically.

When people come to us for career advice, they often do so because they don't know where to start, can’t find their next job opportunity, need help with framing their resume and portfolio, or just want to find their spot within the industry. But there are steps that need to be taken before reaching these decisions, and making one without proper consideration can lead you in the wrong direction.

In our consultations, we’ve met talent who felt compelled to go in a certain direction, no matter what advice was given, and returned years later to find that it was too late. Because of their poorly informed decisions, they lost traction in the market.

Some transitions are incremental, but some are massive pivots from one industry to another. There’s an entire process to build a successful career strategy. This time we have designed a fun questionnaire to help you identify the phase of transition you’re at and take the first step towards a successful talent strategy. Use this tool to find out where you are and what you should be doing to reach Career Success!

At YehID, we see career transitions in a more holistic way. Through our Talent Strategy process, we help you develop a successful Career Path Plan to reach your goals. Schedule a Strategy Call and start building your path to success!