Align yourself with Opportunities

Inward x Outward  = Opportunity

Considering your skills in isolation is illogical. You need to understand how your skills and capabilities exist inside an industry.

If you’ve followed us this far you’ve taken a look inward and a look outward at your career path. Now, it’s time to cross-reference these two sets of data and see where your new potential pathways lie. Just as in the game of chess, there’s no singular strategy to career success. However, this tool will give you the basic foundation to develop a career strategy plan.

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from talent is “What profession is hot right now?” As we’ve watched new job categories emerge throughout the years; such as design research, design strategy, user experience, service design, etc. We’ve seen many people rush into these ‘hot’ professions, trying to get a spot; spending time and money on education, applying for job after job not being able to get in. There are other people so good at promoting themselves that they land jobs thinking they’d love, only to find out it was not at all what it seemed. Then, feeling lost and frustrated they’d spent yet another year or so in moving the wrong direction, casting a wide net in their job search instead of focusing on the right direction for them.

There’s a common problem here, most of these people never take the time to stop for a moment and think about what’s right for them. When you don’t consider what’s right for you, then you can’t assess the opportunities clearly.

There are always other possibilities out there for everyone. You just have to take the time to look for answers within yourself.

Find out what's relevant to you.

What are you willing to learn and develop?

How do your skills fit in the emerging industries and specialties?

What skills are you missing or need to work on?

Here is one of the first critical tools we use to begin this alignment process.

If you dare to do a thorough analysis assessing your viability in the future markets, schedule a call with us and find out more about our Talent Strategies Services that have helped our clients develop a personalized strategy to find clarity and direction in their career to land their dream job.