Yeh of a Day

Brainstorming in Session 20140627_104047Process Mapping Yeh IDeology’s Strategy & Methodology while borrowing ideas from “The Service Startup: Design gets Lean” by Tenny Pinheiro. Of course, we can’t do this without Nico.

For 364 days a year, we devote our time and energy to our clients, our candidates and the science of matching talent with culture. One day a year is purely devoted to Yeh IDeology’s “Day at the Beach”.

At Yeh IDeology, our philosophy is to design healthy, sustainable relationships and build mutually prolific partnerships and teams. Since much of our focus is forging alliances for others, we sometimes forget to return ourselves the favour and bypass our own internal development.

As summer is in full swing, so is Yeh IDeology. We are in an exciting state of growth and ready to ramp up to the next step. To celebrate this, our President & CEO, Angela Yeh, invited all of us to a “Yeh of a day” on the beach.

A beach day might not sound as productive as it does, but experience tells us the fundamental building blocks of an innovative organisation are first and foremost the people that make up the organisation and company culture.

Lunch Meeting 3 MH _ OT learning to surf Learning from Marty Neumeier’s “ZAG” and learning how to surf - what’s a better compliment than the two?

So, what exactly does the Yeh IDeology do on the shore of Long Beach? The first 6 hours is dedicated to brainstorming and process mapping -- this includes dragging our flip-charts to the local mexican restaurant to work through lunch, whilst providing the other diners a complementary design strategy workshop.

After a few tacos and some intrigued faces, it’s time for some fun in the sun! But even our fun time is productive, as Angela gets back into mentoring mode and shares with us her surf skills. There were balancing acts and big splashes, sand castles and Sangria, followed by giant bubbles that brought neighbors out onto the street for an amazing time.

Kids Playing w- Jumbo Bubbles Can’t have beach day without gigantic bubbles… Want the secret sauce? Wait till you hear it from Angela…

It was an educational, collaborative, and all around enjoyable experience where work and play came together. This is why we believe that an environment based on trust and shared values can unite people, where we can collectively bridge ideas and build a foundation that welcomes innovation with integrity and the aptitude to accept, learn and rise from failures, together.

Until our next trip on the LIRR, it’s back to focusing on our clients, candidates and culture, refreshed with lessons learned from a Yeh Beach Day.