We Always Talk About Engaged Employees. But What About Engaged Employers?

We Always Talk About Engaged Employees. But What About Engaged Employers on yehideology.com
We Always Talk About Engaged Employees. But What About Engaged Employers on yehideology.com

It’s no longer a one-way street

There’s been a lot of buzz over the last few years in every industry about how important it is to have engaged employees. And if you own your own business, you know how critical it is to have staff members who not only buy into your mission and values, but who also feel a sense of purpose for what they do. Employees who know “the why” are more productive, more motivated, and essentially do their jobs better than those who don’t.

But what about you? And what about all the other business owners and executives? Don’t organizations have the responsibility to affect engagement at all levels? What we’re finding is that companies that have a keen understanding of how they are responsible for driving engagement among their entire team are destined to be more successful.

Practice what you preach

According to Gallup, leaders of successful organizations don’t just talk to the talk, they walk the walk. So instead of just preaching to their teams about being engaged, they demonstrate their own engagement in all that they do, showing how they are committed, involved, and continuously improving their own skills and knowledge. And when this attitude comes from the top, employees cannot help but feel it, believe in it, and model it on their own behavior. Think of it as a positive spin on the trickle-down effect.

Caring: A key element

According to a white paper published by Dale Carnegie Training, a manager who cares is an essential element to driving employee engagement. Managers need to take the time to get to know their team members, offer them support, and show a genuine interest in them. It’s all about building strong relationships that lead to an increased sense of loyalty, which then drives employees to remain committed, effective, and productive.

Creating a clear path for success

Another important aspect of cultivating your company as an engaged organization is providing a clear path to success for your employees. Setting goals, providing the potential for growth, and offering opportunities to learn new skills demonstrate how much you value your people. When individuals feel that you are willing to invest in their future, they are more engaged.

A winning culture

We all know how important company culture is to attracting and retaining employees—but have you contemplated how crucial it is to building a higher level of engagement? There’s much more to it than installing smoothie machines in the break room. The reality is, your company culture is not just something your team members are exposed to—in the highly-communicative world we live and work in, what makes your company great (or horrible) is often splashed all over the place for everyone to see. And when team members feel a sense of belonging, loyalty, and purpose, word spreads, cementing it as an indelible element of your culture. It’s not just the way you do things, it’s the how you do things that matters.

Zeroing in on motivation

In the old days, people were motivated purely by the desire to make more money, move up the ladder, or a combination of both. And while growth potential and salary are still important, today’s workers are also driven by other factors—most of which have a direct correlation to how engaged they will be. Job design, company mission and values, passion for the job, growth potential, work environment, and leadership are all factors that affect their level of engagement. Companies that are honed in on what fuels their employees’ passions are engaging strategically, and will reap the rewards in a team that continually drives the organization forward.

As the world continues to change rapidly, so does the need to revamp our thinking when it comes to the employee-employer connection. Organizations that embrace a reciprocal model of engagement will experience a new, positive dynamic that can only improve their success and build an even brighter future.

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