Remembering Bill Moggridge

With all the incredible people we've met in the design world, especially in our own community in New York City, there were very few that matched the intellect, drive, and downright pleasantness of Bill Moggridge. We were lucky enough to have him in the fold at many design events in New York, not to mention our great chats with him at so many symposiums and IDSA conferences, where we were so impressed by a man who added so much to the design world and really had an impact on human culture that far too many do not know. He is perhaps best known as the father of the laptop computer, the key mind in creating its design and ergonomic standards, and the man who created the basis for a tool that millions cannot live without today. He was a pioneer of what would become interaction design, and was a key architect in the forming and naming of the discipline. He went on to form one of if not the most influential design firms ever created, IDEO, which has continued to create new and incredible products and experiences. He left us while heading the Cooper-Hewitt, busy putting the final touches on a great fundraising campaign that will grow the design museum by 60%, and create a new National Design Library in New York. But the thing we'll miss most is our wonderful discussions with the man, so intelligent and down-to-earth, who lived and breathed design. You will be missed.