Angela Yeh Featured in Design & Thinking Documentary

Design & Thinking is the brainchild of Yang Yu-Hsiu, the Executive Manager of the Taipei Design Center in the United States, based in San Francisco. He has the unique task of introducing promising Taiwanese designers to corporations and consultancies looking to bolster and invest in design talent. In his discussions with companies and consultancies over the years, he kept hearing the term “Design Thinking”, and more importantly kept hearing the different means and uses for it in the various design landscapes across the country and the world. Fascinated by how one powerful idea can have so many different meanings and misunderstandings in the world of design and commerce, Yang set about documenting the different understandings of the term “design thinking”, and charting its slight changes in terminology as a way of understanding design as a whole even better. The documentary examines how design thinking is successfully impacting business success in design, marketing & branding, analyzing services, operations, etc.

Much like Gary Hustwit’s films Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized, Design & Thinking explores its concept through conversation with luminaries, design thinkers and business leaders to attempt to explain and understand the idea of design thinking and its importance in business today.

As a friend of Angela’s in the design community, Yang asked her to be a part of the discussion, and to contribute her thoughts on design thinking through her unique perspective and role as a design recruiter.

As a recruitment firm, we are collaborators, mediators, and advisors to both employers and job seekers and we cultivate the best matches of talent to our client’s needs and cultural uniqueness. Design thinking is a term that we here at YehID have heard used plenty of times before and we are very pleased to have been a part of this film in order to help the business world understand how to invest in design & design talent.