Angela Yeh Joins Alumni Innovators in Pratt Institute's Design by Differentiate Issue No.3

Innovation within business and design can no longer exist separately as the two continue to cross-pollinate globally. The majority of people speak of design and innovation like loose pages in a book; this book itself is dense, but informative, and a quick glance doesn't do it justice. You skim the surface, yet miss the juicy core… In Pratt Institute’s third issue of Differentiate by Design, Angela Yeh joins other Pratt alumni to share their insights to today’s ever-dynamic creative economy and discuss how innovation is a key player for tomorrow’s industry.

Angela applied her Pratt education and previous professional experiences to building a new innovative business model for recruiting, that is, Yeh IDeology. At Yeh ID, we design relationships. Our philosophy is creating deep connections with people that will help us make the perfect match with talent and culture. "We focus a great deal on strategy; we’re like a McKinsey for [design, strategy and innovation]. That is why being multilingual, in the business sense, is so important.” Read more in Different by Design.

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