10 Quirky Questions to Qualify Creative Talent

10 Quirky Questions to Qualify Creative Talent on yehideology.com

You can not ask the same old tired questions when searching for creative talent. Here is what you should be asking—and what the answers will reveal about the candidate!

We all know that when it comes to recruiting top talent, hiring managers and recruiters can only take a resume at face value. The true determination of each candidate’s potential fit inside your company goes much deeper and is often only discovered after you bring them onboard—which is too late.

But today’s recruiters and others involved in the hiring process are getting more savvy in their interviewing process, including the questions they ask, which are designed to reveal the candidate’s true personality, thought process and their level of creativity.

If you’re in search of creative talent, here’s a look at some of the newest questions interviewers are asking, although they may seem quirky (and they are) each one serves a specific purpose.

  1. What’s the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months and how’d you make it?

Asking this question offers up a view into how your candidate solves problems and analyzes situations. A person with a creative mind will use reasoning and analyzing to come up with solutions and be able to look at things from various angles before making a decision.

  1. What were you doing the last time you looked at a clock and realized you’d lost track of time?

Creative people are known for diving into a project, getting the ideas flowing and not coming up for air until it’s completed—to them, time is not even a concern if they are doing something they love. If your candidate answers this question by relating a story about a work project, you know you could have a winner.

  1. What movie, no matter how many times you’ve seen it, do you have to watch when it’s on?

Movie favorites, just like books and TV shows, reveal a lot about a person’s personality. If your candidate’s favorite movie of all time is about an underdog who overcomes challenges and adversity, for example, this shows that they’re motivated, thrive on being challenged and are easily inspired.

  1. If you had to describe the color yellow to someone who was blind, how would you describe it?

Weird question, yes. But think about it? How do you explain what a color looks like to someone who’s never has and never will see it? Answers to this question not only show how creative they are, they demonstrate how conceptual the candidate is and how well he or she can articulate ideas.

  1. What would you most like to learn here that would help you in the future?

This question lets the candidate know there’s growth and learning opportunities at your company and allows you to delve into their aspirations for the future. A creative person is curious and enthusiastic by nature.

  1. What is something that you’re proud of that you’ve done in the last few years?

A great question if you’re looking for a person who takes pride in their work. If your candidate can easily come up with something they’re proud of, you’re on the right track.

  1. If we are sitting here a year from now celebrating a great year for you in this role, what did we achieve together?

The answer to this question shows whether or not your candidate has done their homework and knows what your company’s mission is. It also will reveal their aspirations when it comes to the position you’re filling—do they expect it to grow into another role or one with more responsibility?

  1. What concerns do you have about our company?

Another question that will help you see if the candidate has researched your company and knows what you’re all about. If they have no concerns, it’s likely they’re not being candid or haven’t done their homework, because no company is perfect. On the other hand, if they offer up their honest opinion and add in ways they think they could help make it better, you may have a winner on your hands.

  1. How would former co-workers describe you if I were to interview them?

The answer to this question not only shows how well your candidate got along with his or her coworkers in former positions, but it also shows how he or she thinks others view him or her.

  1. What are you the best at or what’s your superpower?

You’re building a team and so it only makes sense to get people who have a diverse set of skills. This question allows your candidate to express what they think their strongest abilities are and gives you insight into where they would fit into your team.

The process of interviewing job applicants has certainly changed for the better over the last few years. We’ve gone away from asking the tired “why do you think you are right for this company” to asking questions that provide a deeper, clearer picture of a candidate’s work ethic, how they think, solve problems, and how they’d fit in with your company culture. If you’re searching for top creative talent and aren’t sure how to identify the skills you need, give us a call.