Office photoshoot with photographer Andrew Steinman

There are so many things to do for our new website and corporate identity launch. One new thing that I didn't expect would turn out to be such an incredibly fun assignment was a photo shoot. When Mel Lim, our brand identity visionary, told me she needed shots of our office, I thought “Sure, we'll take a digital camera and just shoot away for a couple of hours one morning.” I realize now that our team is talented in many ways, but we're not skilled at being models and being the photographer at the same time. Let's just say that when Mel saw our homemade shots, she suggested in the kindest way that we do this the right way. We had a good laugh. After much deliberation, I turned to my friend Andrew Steinman, whose key strength, besides being a phenomenal photographer, is making ordinary people feel at ease in front of the camera, to the point of having fun.

This morning we had a blast. While Andrew and his crew got set up, we noshed on coffee and bagels. There is something to learning how to be comfortable in front of the camera. Most of us are shy, and while we want to look great, we’re a bit awkward. Andrew quickly diverted our attention, lightened the mood, and put everyone at ease. Soon we were all laughing, joking, and teasing one another.

We all work so hard, Our work is sensitive and we’re all dedicated to the success of this business. Having a photo shoot was a fun morale booster and a great change of pace. It turned into an excellent company event where everyone relaxed and socialized.

Being a consummate perfectionist, Andrew took tons of great shots. While you’ll get to see many of the shots throughout our website, there will be many you won’t see. As a side company perk, my team will be able to take some great shots home to enjoy and remember the event and the day. Out of what I thought was just going to be a side project for our brand repositioning, evolved an invaluable and fun company experience.