Recruiting: Creating a Strong Candidate Experience

I am loving these questions! The latest one is regarding how to create a positive candidate experience:

“How much attention do you put into the candidate experience when recruiting? What steps do/did you take in creating a candidate experience when going through your recruitment process?"

Answer: Always be mindful of the experience a candidate receives when they meet you and your company. Any interacting you have with a candidate whether you're interested in the candidate or not is an opportunity to develop industry reputation within your industry.

Talk about the values and the mission of the company and talk about the standards that your company live by. Have other employees meet with the candidate as well. This way the candidate receives a variety of perspectives about the company and your team learns how to represent your company.

People talk and share their job seeking experiences. When people walk out of your interview you want candidates to tell everyone how they loved their experience interviewing with your company and how they were impressed with your company and wish they could work for your company one day.

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