Talent Strategies: Companies (TSC)


Want to attract amazing talent? 
You need talent strategists that speak their language.

Talent Strategies IS for you if your company...

  • Does not understand how design can help solve their challenge

  • Can’t identify the type of design talent they need

  • Is struggling to identify, attract, hired design talent

  • Needs to understand what drives the talent market

  • Is having challenges retaining top talent

Who is Talent Strategies not for?

Talent Strategies is not for companies who are looking for traditional recruitment services. There are methods, tools and assessments that we use which Hiring Managers, HR and other company stakeholders need to be willing and able to fully invest in to develop successful talent ROI. Talent innovation is only possible through transparency, collaboration and dedication to the process of success mapping.

Features Overview (Services)

Human capital is the engine that drives success, but without the right foresight to run that machine you're not going to utilize it's full potential. Whatever your company's situation may be, Yeh IDeology’s Talent Strategies methodology will help you assess your team profile, analyze organizational barriers to success, identify possible avenues for growth, and build successful routes that strategically address your company’s challenges and goals. Through this process your company will develop customized techniques to drive innovation forward through talent teams.