We help inspired talent conquer hurdles and bust through roadblocks to reach their aspirational career goals. If you’re at a crossroad in your career, we can help you identify all the possible avenues of growth. 


Join our founder Angela Yeh for One-on-One Talent Strategies sessions and get the inside scoop on how to take control of your professional destiny vs leaving it up to chance. 

Talent Strategies: Professionals

Talent Strategies are for you if…

  • You are career driven and not satisfied with just having a job that pays a salary, while keeping your passions as hobbies on the side.
  • You are tired of moving randomly from one job to another, feeling like you are getting nowhere.
  • You’re thinking long term not just the next job and you want a strategic game plan to know that you’re investing in building a solid career not leaving things to chance.
  • You want the dream job and if it takes blood sweat and tears to get there, you just need to know how and you will do what it takes.
  • You envision the day where you are known for your incredible talents and the world pays you greatly for it.
  • You want a career where you wake up excited every morning about what it is you do and have crafted a lifestyle that you love. 

Who is Talent Strategies not for?

Talent Strategies is a process that is not for those who are looking for a quick fix. There are methods, tools and assessments that we use but the majority of the discovery process and work lies in your hands. You choose how to live your life and nothing will change if you are not ready and willing to make the effort.

Features Overview (Services)

Whatever your situation may be, Yeh IDeology’s Talent Strategies methodology will help you assess your talent profile, analyze and identify possible avenues for growth and build a successful route that strategically addresses your challenges and aspirations. Through this process you will build your career goals and develop customized techniques that bring you closer to reaching future milestones.