We help inspired talent conquer hurdles and bust through roadblocks to reach their aspirational career goals. If you’re at a crossroad in your career, we can help you identify all the possible avenues of growth. 


Imagine finding your dream job tomorrow...

Talent Strategies

* 8 sessions
* In person, phone or video call

Talent Strategies is not for the fainthearted. This package involves in-depth analysis of where you are and where you plan to be. You will be held accountable for your progress. These sessions are tailored to each client according to their situation and the deliverables will focus on your needs. They include an analysis of top potential pathways for success and determines viable career strategies. We’ll help you identify and position your unique Point of View (POV) and Value Proposition. Since this package is completed over 8 sessions you will be able to use your time as you wish or need. This package allows us to identify pathways for success and work with you closely to ensure you’re executing correctly. Includes resume and portfolio assessment.

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