After 20 years in this business

We can say unequivocally that if you don’t develop an overall strategy first before you start building your team, you will lose the best and brightest talent to competitors who do.

Build a high quality team of innovation experts that will help your company take a leading role in your industry by starting on the right path from the beginning.

Start with a Y-ID Assessment™

The first step toward innovation is to do a Y-ID Assessment™ and learn how your company can get farther, faster in innovation. Regardless if you're refining the alignment of a vast innovation team with the rest of the corporation, quantifying innovation's value to the C-Suite, building an innovation team from scratch or just hiring replacement talent.

In this session, we will assess your current situation, outline what's working and the areas for improvement, indicate ways to enhance the situation and give you a plan on the most effective ways to move forward. 

Through Talent Strategies, we've helped clients:

  • Decipher the expertise required to successfully execute on your initiatives 

  • Understand how the expertise you require exists in the talent market today

  • Identify key talent drivers that attract (and keep) top candidates

  • Fully align as a team with other business units for seamless facilitation and integration 

  • Pioneer to stay ahead of the quickly evolving landscape

  • Develop a best-in-class culture where talent thrive and companies achieve true innovation ROI (yeah, we just said that)