Thrive By Design FAQ

Q: When do I get my lessons and Action Steps?

A: On Mondays, a new Module is unlocked and you will receive an email with the password to access that module and its lessons. Action steps are given in the lessons with instructions.

Q: How do I format and submit my action steps?

  1. Make sure you have a Gmail account.

  2. In your Google Drive, create Google Docs or Google Sheets (NOT Google Slides), and name it as follows: Last Name, First Name_M# L#_Action Step Name.

    • M - stands for Module

    • L - stands for Lesson

  3. Use a separate document for each exercise unless otherwise advised.


  1. Once completed, click the Share button at the top of your document, and share it with us at Make sure to give us editing privileges so that we can provide feedback on your work.

  2. Be specific about which section/s you need us to provide feedback on.

  3. Google Drive gives you the option to “notify recipients”. Just select the notify option and share your work with us. Use this option to send us an email, and include any questions you may have on the exercise.

Q: When are Action Steps supposed to be completed? Before or after the Thursday call?

A: You are not expected to complete all your Action Steps by Thursday’s Q&A. Much of this work is iterative and you’ll be building on it over time to identify and reach your goals.

Q: How do I access the Thursday Q&A Zoom Call?

A: You will receive an email the day before your Thursday Q&A containing the Zoom information you need to join the conversation.

Q: What happens in the Thursday Q&A?

A:  In the Thursday Q&A, we’ll review your progress and ensure you’re moving in the right direction, and be sure you evolve and iterate as quickly as possible. We’ll see what your tendencies are, what you're drawn to focusing on vs what you need to spend more time on.

Q: What if I miss a Thursday Q&A?

A: Thursday Q&A sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Member’s Area on the Friday or Monday following the Q&A.

Q: How much time should I put aside for the program?

A: This will vary person to person, lesson to lesson.  We find our  clients put aside 3 - 10 hours each week to work on their Action Steps. The amount of time spent on your work depends on what exercises you want to focus more on and the amount of detail that you want to go into.

Q: What are the benefits to joining the Thrive By Design Facebook Group?

A: We use this private Facebook Group to share assignments, enhancements to modules and action steps, as well as additional resources. The are also tasks we will ask you to submit in Facebook.