June 26, 2018
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Knoll Showroom
1330 6th Ave
New York, NY, 10019

Design has been discovered and utilized everywhere, but more impressive than its capability is the allure of design. Design is such a hot topic that we’re finding design terminology and industry terms, like actionable insights and corporate sustainability, reappropriated by all industries. Is design just a buzzword for companies to add to their brand messaging so that it will attract top talent?

People are scrambling to join the industry. The job boards are flooded with job postings for user experience, customer experience, and innovation but is it really design? Where are the the true innovation opportunities?

We’re at that first stage of design awareness as a nation. So where is it being invested? Is it more service or technology driven?

Design has moved in-house into corporations and innovation labs. Design had been acquired by management consulting firms. Design seems to be everywhere. But is design adoption truly happening? And if so, what is the challenge for design as an industry today? Is it truly being invested in for massive innovation or is it the bait to just attract sharp thinkers?

Design has diversified, and we’re going to unpack what this means for the creative industry.


Yeh IDeology is a Talent Strategies consultancy specializing in design, strategy, and innovation talent. For the past 12 years, founder Angela Yeh, has helped businesses build innovation teams, and guided talent to find career success. In the past year we’ve continued our mission to help employers and design professionals gear up for success in this changing world of design. Our Thrive By Design program helps professionals take charge of their career so that they don’t find themselves stuck in a job they no longer love. Instead, they find the path to consistently stay in the market in roles they thrive in. Thrive By Design runs over the course of 8 weeks, packed with tools to get you back on the path of success no matter what level you’re at. It’s designed to help you get that promotion or move on to the next phase, wherever that may be. In addition to this we work with employers on talent management consulting, and design recruitment.

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